Tub-Shower Combo

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The bathrooms are most times the last place that comes to the mind of the property owner when renovating or remodeling a home. Many times the focus is on the main living room or the kitchen. However, the bathroom is an important part of every home and should not be ignored. A bathroom is a place where the morning routines often start; a relaxing and comfortable bath is basically what you need to get started for the day.

Today, there are many accessories and shower enclosures to choose from to give your bathroom a unique and modern feel. At BHG Frameless Glass, we provide you with the best shower enclosure products and services. Our tub-shower combos are a great choice for property owners. Installing our tub-shower combo will help save you money and space in your bathroom. Perhaps the most common reason people will want to install our tub-shower combo is simply because they want the bath and shower to be available in one place.

You can count on BHG Frameless Glass to install your tub-shower combo to give your bathroom the look and feel you have always dreamt of. With more than 10 years of work experience, you can be sure that BHG Frameless Glass is the right choice for property owners looking for a professional glazing company they can trust with their shower installation and replacement needs.

We are proud to provide the following services to our customers:

  • Tub enclosure
  • Walk-in showers
  • Tub-Shower Combo
  • Glass block Enclosure
  • Bathroom Shower Door
  • Rectangular Enclosure Shower
  • Curved Enclosure Shower
  • Neo-Angle Enclosure Shower
  • Corner Enclosure Shower
  • Dual Entrance Enclosure

Call or visit BHG Frameless Glass today for a professional tub-shower combo installation service and to know more about other products and services we offer. We offer the most competitive price for all our shower enclosure products.