Replace Tub with Walk-in Shower

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Are you planning on replacing your bathtub for a walk in shower? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right company.

Bath tubs are going out of fashion and more homeowners are going for more contemporary walk-in showers. This new trend in bathroom design is classy and leave your bathroom looking more spacious. If you need to replace your bathtub with the more conventional walk-in shower, BHG Frameless Glass will provide you with exceptional services to get the job done. When you hire BHG Frameless Glass, our experts will provide you with a range of styles and designs that will fit your bathroom and provide you with the best quality your money can afford. BHG Frameless Glass technicians are experts who have the technical know-how, the experience, and the tools needed to get the job done. Also, when you decide to ditch bathtub for walk in shower, there are several considerations you should have in mind.

  • Placement and spacing – ideally, the walk-in shower should take the space where the bath tub had been as that’s where the drain lines and water supply pipes would be.
  • Family need – it has been recommended that at least one bath tub be left in the home. So, it is better to leave one bath tub instead of converting all the bathrooms to have walk-in showers.

Aside bathtub replacement, some of the other services offered by BHG Frameless Glass include:

  • Tub enclosure
  • Walk-in showers
  • Tub-Shower Combo
  • Glass block Enclosure
  • Bathroom Shower Door
  • Rectangular Enclosure Shower
  • Curved Enclosure Shower
  • Neo-Angle Enclosure Shower
  • Corner Enclosure Shower
  • Dual Entrance Enclosure

Reach out to us today. We pride ourselves in providing maximum satisfaction to our customers. A trial will convince you.